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Yoga Diagnoses Chaos and Offers Peace

In the last year I’ve become mindful of the countless wasted hours spent drowning in thought rather than paying attention to the here-and-now. It is no coincidence that yoga also entered my life about a year ago along with the concept of “mindfulness” and mindfulness meditation. Today I am on a path to awareness and I am ready to re-evaluate every pre-conceived notion about who I am and how the world works.
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The Liberty Power Blog

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“Do-it-yourself” beauty treatments are a great alternative to expensive bottles at the beauty store. The DIY practitioner chooses her own natural brand of beauty straight from the kitchen, using ingredients she knows to create the look she desires. Caffeine is a key ingredient in many over-the-counter solutions, combatting fat cells that get trapped in the tissue just below dimpled skin.
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Lip Service

Lusciously plump and colorful lips can turn any woman into a goddess. Learn which products and methods create lips that hearken back to your “spin-the-bottle” days. Every time our lip muscles contract—be it from puckering, pouting, or smoking—the skin surrounding them contracts. “Look at any smoker in their fifties or sixties, and compare them to a non-smoker of the same age… The contrast is undeniable,” says Dr.
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Leonor Greyl

Gone are the days of poofy down-dos and slicked back ponytails held impenetrably in place by rock-solid hair spray. We are now living in the age of down-dos with volume and loose up-dos held flexibly and softly in place. I selected Leonor Greyl styling spray for volume and hold because I am a huge fan of their Huile de Palme and love this brand’s dedication to natural ingredients wherever possible.
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Features New Anti-Aging Products for Spring

Everything about the celebration of Mother’s Day and the advent of spring represents rebirth and renewal. To help revive winter skin and spring forward into the season of rejuvenation, online retailer Natural Skin Shop introduces three new brands to help pick out the perfect Mother's Day gift. Natural Skin Shop is proud to add Primesse serums, Kaleidaskin primers & Alpha Light Body skin lighteners to its repertoire of cutting edge skin care products.

Products Through the Decades

An effective anti aging skin care regime requires a heavy dose of products that maintain healthy skin and prevent future damage. Understanding that fact, I went straight to California Board Certified dermatologist, Dr. Susan Stuart to get an educated scoop on how to craft my beauty plan through the decades.
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3 Remedies to Combat Winter Skin

Winter is coming, which for many of us means pearly white snow, glistening lights, cozy fires, needle-like wind and weather torn skin. Often the cold, dry air associated with this season creates or exacerbates existing skin disorders and can lead to moisture loss. Once the skin’s barrier begins losing moisture and its ability to replenish the water, the it starts to lose its elasticity.

3 Reasons You MUST Wash Your Face

The importance of clean skin cannot be understated, so we recommend you follow this simple, yet valuable rule to save your skin from advanced aging: In general, everything you put on your face, you must later remove. Because cleansing and nourishing your skin morning and evening is the best anti-aging strategy.

5 Must-Have Habits to Halt Visible Aging

Visible skin aging is not an inevitable fact of life. It occurs when skin cells are deprived of proper nutrients needed to fight the abundance of damaging free radicals. Without proper care, the skin is left with an inability to produce enough collagen and elastin to preserve a youthful complexion.

3 Worst Foods For Adult Acne

Acne & blemishes may lay dormant for years and suddenly appear to follow many of us into adulthood. Research from the University of Pennsylvania indicates that acne is common throughout the twenties, thirties and even forties as a result of hormonal changes, stress and diet. Thus, the skin is a reflection of one’s overall body health.

Essential Oil Concoctions

The underutilized power of natural essential oils is just the salve that aging skin craves. Learn the basics of botanicals and vegetables to reinvigorate your complexion. According to Cary Caster, respected aromatherapist and founder of organic essential oils brand 21 Drops (, therapeutic oils are a must when it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles, minimizing inflammation, and creating a daily regimen that will serve you for years to come.
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